Sunday, April 1, 2018


Hello Readers,

If you're just finding this blog, welcome! Feel free to read through any of my stories by looking to the right side of this page, under "Past Stories." From there, click on a year, then on a month. By clicking on a month, you will find the individual stories. The stories range from my first lesson, to advanced training, fun flights, and then flying charters nationwide.

You can also find other pages with links to my photos, videos, and a map of the airports I've flown into or out of by looking above this post.

Many people ask me these days, how much flying am I doing? What am I up to with my life? Well, the biggest news that I can share is where my career stands. In January 2017, I accepted a position with a large medevac company. I work in the Operations Control Center as an Operational Control Specialist. I monitor every active flight that's currently flying in any of the 15 states we operate in. I work directly with our EMS pilots to ensure every flight is operated safely and legally. Monitoring the weather is a huge part of my daily work, and I often provide weather information to pilots on the ground or in flight. Additionally, I participate in the FAA required preflight risk analysis program, to include approving or declining a flight, and mitigating risk. I provide guidance to the pilots regarding FAA regulations, company policies and procedures, and give assistance with troubleshooting any numbers of technical issues. Some people refer to us as virtual co-pilots. It's an incredibly rewarding career.

Since beginning this job in January 2017, I have quit working for my flight school due to the schedule of the new job. I am no longer flying charters, and I really only get airborne 2-4 times a year. I hope to change that soon! I've found myself getting back into photography lately, and I spend a lot of time baking and gardening. I also assist in running a large local aviation Facebook group. It's a lot of fun meeting other local aviators through the internet or planned events.

I hope you enjoy looking through my blog, and thanks for visiting!